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baarish main kharab

Out and about in the Karachi rains on September 10, 2011.

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Karachi Rains

More than 40mm of rain fell in Karachi over two hours on September 10, 2011, leaving the entire city flooded.

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City by the Sea – The future of Karachi’s Coastline (Urdu)

This documentary explores alternatives to haphazard development along Karachi’s coastline in light of the basic principles of urban planning. Watch the English version here.

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Biking to Jinnah’s Mazaar with Critical Mass

The alarm went off at 5.20am. I gave my brother KO a wake up call, secretly hoping he’d say he wasn’t feeling well so I could go right back to sleep. “Oh, you’re up then? Ok, then.. let’s go!” Having fought off the early morning mind changer devil person, we grabbed our water bottles, our […]

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Seashells on the seashore

So, the other day we saw a photograph in the paper of the millions of seashells that had washed up on Clifton beach (again!). Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a good photo, we put the dog in the car and headed to the beach.

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