Sea Turtles nominated for Genesis Award

Green Sea Turtle Geo TV’s documentary on Sea Turtles has been nominated for a 22nd Genesis Award in the Brigitte Bardot International category for “its excellent depiction of the perils facing the endangered sea turtles of Pakistan and the efforts being made to save them”. The Genesis Awards are held each year by the Humane Society of the United States to recognize “television, film, music, and other special categories for raising awareness of animal topics”.

An evening with budding filmmakers

Anil Datta in THE NEWS:

My red trainersKarachi: It was really heartening to see young Pakistani film makers come up with innovations and self-expression in the field of movie making. Even though a little amateurish, something that could not be helped given their tender ages, the short films screened displayed the potential our youngsters hold for pursuits artistic and intellectual, and the deep sense of social conscience they are imbued with.

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